Our Team is Growing

Our team is growing and it is a good thing as we are handling larger building and more restaurant. See our people in action. Jobs out of town are the most difficult as we often work 10-12 hour days as we have to be done before flying home. Every artist has their own style.

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A Boy’s and a Father’s Dream

As a pilot our client wanted to instill the love of aviation in his son. A regular attendee of the famous Oshkosh air show, he wanted to bring the adventure home. After discussing with his son, a Star Wars fan, he let us incorporate both in the boy's room.

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Desi District in Frisco

This is a market and restaurant - 16,000 square feet. We are currently finishing up the market area and working also on the restaurant area. This is a big job but we are having fun. Lots of new artists have joined our team and this is great!

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Give Your Kid the Gift of a Mural

Back in 2022,  we were asked to do this Oshkosh mural for a boys room. The Father is a pilot so it makes perfect sense. However the kid is a big Star Wars fan. so we compromised and did the Star Wars theme to the ceiling he can contemplate while laying down on his

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Another Trip to Indianapolis

This was another exciting trip to Indianapolis, this time to work on a new and large Desi District restaurant. These were 2 1/2 very long days of climbing up and down ladders and scaffolding. But we love the result and can't wait for the grand opening! We took advantage of this trip to visit

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Another Chowrastha! Aubrey,TX

We love Chowrastha. Though we keep out design for this chain of wonderful Indian restaurants, every restaurant will still be different because we paint freehand. We images are similar but are put together differently. So each restaurant is unique though it has the same style. Aubrey is only a Market so we mainly use

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Desi District Houston

Our team of two amazing muralists, Shelly Long and Marie Goodwyn report they had a great time in Houston working with an awesome Desi team. What started to be a job for 2 walls ended up being a six-wall job! The last wall, the entryway, was the most fun to do! Our clients said

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