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Christine Schaal Sanders
Christine Schaal SandersFounder and Artist
Graduated from High School in San Antonio, where her love of art and architecture began. She attended the University of Texas at San Antonio as an Architecture major for a year and transferred to UNT to change her major to Interior Design. While in college she began painting murals and doing Interior design work, got married and had two kids. The additional painting and classes in other art disciplines spurred the last major change to finally a Visual Arts Studies Degree from UNT. She taught art for 15 years, worked as a freelance muralist for more than 25 years, served as the Education Coordinator for the Greater Denton Arts Council, and began the N.TX. mural Company with her Artist Friends. She loves to travel and work with international exchange students and be with family. Her artworks range from Jewelry, ceramics, public sculptures, multimedia works, and painting. Coming soon.
Marie Goodwyn
Marie GoodwynArtist and Web Designer
Marie gained her art education solely by observing her father’s work as a fine art printer in Paris, France. She started painting murals while raising her five children who became artists following her example. Over time, she honed her unique style and techniques, accumulating a diverse portfolio of murals, watercolors, and acrylic paintings. Arts is one of her passions and it has not diminished with time.
Website: https://mjpagedesign.com/
Christy Turner
Christy TurnerArtist
As a Kentucky native, she moved to Texas in 2011 with her husband and four children. She has always enjoyed studying the intricate and artistic beauty of nature. Growing up, she spent hours upon hours at the lake and in the woods surrounding our home often in awe of what she saw! With a degree in elementary education, she has carried her love of creating, the beauty of nature and all she’s learned about art into her art classes. As she has, herself, continued to develop her artistic skills, she has enjoyed teaching her students that they can create art, too!
Laura Markum
Laura MarkumArtist
Laua has always loved painting and drawing as far back as she can remember. Her first art teacher was her mom. She used to sit at the table as she painted and copy what she was doing. In high school she volunteered at her church and painted windows and decorations for their vacation Bible school program. After high school she attended UNT for drawing and painting and has continued to develop her skills over the years. Her favorite mediums are watercolor, acrylic, and pen. Currently she paints murals with NTX Mural Co and do small commissions (usually portraits) in her spare time.
Shelly Long
Shelly LongArtist
Shelly has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and an eclectic portfolio. She has travelled many places in America including Hawaii. She has many artistic talents including sculpture, vignette, stain glass, decor, murals, etc… She has been influenced by themes and techniques employed in art brut, outsider art, tribal artifacts, art nouveau, earth art, and surrealism. Artists such as Joseph Cornell, Andy Goldsworthy, Frida Kahlo, Erte, Louise Bourgeois, Dali and even Dr. Seuss have inspired her with their evocative and original ideas.
Shelly’s love for art is undeniable and she has demonstrated it every place where she lived. She is careful and attentive, great qualities for a mural artist.
Website: https://shellylongart.weebly.com/
Christopher Goodwyn
Christopher GoodwynArtist
Christopher is an amateur artist from Texas with a broad array of skills in various mediums, including acrylic painting, vector graphics, digital animation, 3D modeling, digital painting, and graphic design.
His work is mostly inspired by mid-century pop art and art deco industrial design. He finds joy in exploring Impressionism, Realism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Bauhaus.
As a freelance artist Christopher is the artist you want for your digital projects. You will find his Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/originalgoodwyn/ and be able to enjoy his style, colors, and subjects.
Kiba Jacobson
Kiba JacobsonArtist
Kiba has been teaching Art for the past 15 years, the last seven years in Denton ISD. She completed her graduate degree at the UNT in May 2009 and her Master’s degree is in Art Education with special focus in the Studio Arts. She has broad experience in ceramics, sculpture, painting/drawing, and metals and photography. For the past 6 years she has been teaching ceramics at Braswell High School. She was raised in an artist’s household; her mom received her M.F.A in ceramics in the 90’s from UNT. She has gotten students into opportunities such as the Dallas Nasher Teens Summer workshops, student/artist workshops at the Crow museum and at the Warehouse in Dallas as well as experiences such as “Mystery Build,” all of which have really gotten students to push their creative sides past what they have felt they were able! She has painted several murals in the past.
Check out her blog at https://artforchildadvocacy.blogspot.com/2011/?m=0
Camille Green
Camille GreenArtist
Camille has been in the Denton art scene for nearly 25 years, exhibiting at local faves such as Mr. Chopsticks, Greater Denton Arts Council, Jupiter House, Recycled Books and Harvest House. You can also find her showcasing her creations annually at Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival. Primarily painting with acrylic on canvas, she also enjoys collage, photography, sculpture and any kind of art design. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 1998 with a degree in English Literature and began painting seriously in 2000 when she lived in Santa Cruz, CA. She loves collaborating with NTX Mural Company and most currently enjoys creating Day of the Dead inspired family portraits. She is inspired by her Dad who as wildly creative and a sign painter.
Facebook and Instagram: C. Green Artwork
Check out her blog: https://wedentondoit.com/blog/2014/10/16/artist-interview-camille-green
Brandon Taylor
Brandon TaylorArtist
Brandon Taylor was formally trained in architecture, sculpture and painting. After earning his BFA in Sculpture from The University of North Texas he began providing unique solutions on a range of architectural projects, murals, custom artwork fabrication and design services. His efforts have since focused into the establishment of 23 Design Co, a collaborative artist-run design company that provides turn-key solutions for creative projects.
Julia caswell Freund
Julia caswell Freund
I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2017 from the University of Texas at Austin, primarily focused on transmedia, performance, and painting. In 2015 I paired with CMA in New York City for a teaching artist internship and completed my studies with a deep interest in arts-based research. From 2017-2019 I served in the United States Peace Corps and began to explore cultural knowledge and nuance through social practice and transmedia art production. I began painting with North Texas Mural Co. in 2022. I’m currently pursuing my Masters of Fine Arts at the University of North Texas.

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