Desi District
Desi DistrictIndian Restaurant
We created a stylized motif for this Indian restaurant/grocery store by using a limited combination of three colors: black, gold, and grey. Words and images are carefully scattered on low and high walls reflecting the purpose of each area of the store.
Chowrastha Indian Restaurant
Chowrastha means “intersection” or “where four roads meet”. For this Indian restaurant/grocery chain, we combined Indian dishes and foods as well as sketches of famous landmarks and cities over a green and orange wash with phrases and words in between.
Hashtag India
Hashtag IndiaIndian Restaurant
For this Indian restaurant we limited ourselves to just four colors. Our palette included: green, blue, orange, and black. Using different shade values we were able to add more depth to the images that are surrounded by intricate painted frames.

Limiting the number of colors used for a design is a great way to create simplicity, cohesion, visual impact and brand identity.

SwadeshiIndian Restaurant
Our client wanted a rural Indian feel with vegetation typical of the Indian countryside. We used bold colors for a landscape with villagers, huts, and animals.
Oshkosh Air Show
Oshkosh Air ShowA Boy's Room
This client was a pilot who wanted us to represent the famous Oshkosh Air Show, but his son wanted Star Wars. We compromised by painting the airshow on the wall and Star Wars on the ceiling.
Good Morning Cafe
Good Morning CafeRestaurant
This landscape is colorful and draws the eyes to a beautiful path in a countryside with clouds and a bright sun. The edges a fades aways to give a smooth transition with the rest of the wall.
Aubrey Municipal Development District
Aubrey Municipal Development DistrictBuilding Signage
This building is what travelers see first. The adjacent wall will show off Aubrey.
Desi Adda
Desi AddaIndian Restaurant
This restaurant is situated next to the Square in Denton, TX
Chorastha Pub
Chorastha PubRestaurant
This is a unique design for this location using black for building and orange and green for accents.
G.O.A.T.S ARENARestaurant
This is a white on black design that was painted on the second level of this sports bar.
Home Office Space
Home Office SpaceHome
Our client wanted a simple thin black on white drawing style and we just did that using the elements he wanted to be included.
Indian Restaurant
Indian RestaurantVahari
Our client wanted a scene and we came up with this. We were however restricted by time and what they could aford to be able to add other elements in the landscape.